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Queer Eye - New Season... who’s excited!

Posted on July 21 2019

I don’t know about you... but I have have come to love these fab 5 so much on Netflix. The new season has finally launched and oh my it is by far the best. A true emotional rollercoaster of laughter and tears as we meet some incredible people who mean so much to their local communities! 

Whats your favourite part? 

Well ofcourse I love the home renovations, even if they all do look very similar! Showing a mix of textures, materials and nature they always get it so spot on. And ofcourse there will always be the obligatory Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree in the corner (honestly look out for it.. there is one in every episode! Haha) 

Not to give any spoilers but the first episode shows the transformation of a drab teachers lounge into an AMAZING space where teachers can relax in their down time, I don’t think they will ever leave! 


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